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Sleek, slender, and over 4 feet long, Barracuda is sure to grab the attention of your friends at the launch field. A look that emphasizes its high flying potential. Flights are majestic.

Additional Information

Length: 56″/142 cm

Diameter: 1.9″/4.7 cm

Nose Cone: 5:1 Ogive

Weight (without motor): 14oz/400gms

Fins: 3-Tapered swept with double wedge airfoil

Stages: 1

Motor Mount: 29mm (includes 24mm adapter)

Recovery System: Parachute

Product No. 89020

Photo Gallery

Build History

01/03/1999 – Purchased Barracuda from Joe’s Hobby Barn for $35.99 (Retail – $39.99)

03/17/2002 – Opened kit and found all part were included. Took pictures and downloaded to computer. Already scanned plans. Marked motor tube along centerline at 7/8″, 2-18/16″ and 4-5/8″. Cut 1/4″ long slits 90 degrees to center line at 4-5/8″ mark. Inserted motor retainer into slit. Slid one of the fin lok ring over the rear of motor tube and uyp to the 7/8″ mark wher the forward end of the ring meets the mark. On the forward end of the motor tube, slid the other fin lok ring to the 2-15/16″ mark with the rear of the ring touching the mark. Test fit the fit of the fins in the fin lik rings and them removed the fins. Epoxied the fing to the motor tube being careful not to get any in the slots. Cut 1/4″ long slots at 90 degrees from each other into the front of the motor tube. Then epoxied the baffle shoulder to the front of the motor tube. Ran a bead of epoxy over the slots and baffle tubing. Inserted cooling mesh before epoxying the baffle to the forward end of the motor tube. Attached a screw eye to the baffle and attached the shock cord to the screw eye. After the epoxy cured, slid the motor tube assembly into the body tube and epoxied the fins to the fin lok rings. Epoxied the centering ring to the rear of the body tube. Filleted the centering ring/body tube joints with epoxy. Epoxied the bulkhead to the tube coupler after inserting the screw eye and shock cord.

04/05/2002 – Epoxy filleted all 3 fins/body tube joints, and launch lug/body tube joints.

04/06/2002 – Model is ready for paint and decals

.06/28/2003 – Spray painted entire model with Krylon #81318 gray primer.

10/11/2003 – Sanded gray primer with 400 grit sandpaper. Removed dust with dry shop rag. Sanded with 600 grit sandpaper. Removed dust with shop rag. Wiped model with a damp sponge and dried with a towel. Gloss White Krylon #1501 was sprayed on the fin and body tube section. The nose cone was sprayed with Krylon #2101 Gloss Red.

10/18/2003 – Cut self adhesive decals from the sheet and trimmed them to shape. Using a soap water solution, positioned the small band of lines at the top edge of the payload section. Wiped off the excess water. Did the same for the lower decals. Placed the fin decal onto the fins. This completes construction of the Aerotech Barracuda #89020.


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