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Description Designed for performance, this rocket can easily exceed altitudes of 1500 feet. This easy to assemble, attractive, model kit features laser cut fins, decal and a metallic mylar streamer. Additional Information Length: 18.125″ Body Diameter: 1.325″ Weight: 1.9 oz Recommended Engines: C11-5, C11-7, D12-5, D12-7 Laser-Cut Fins Balsa Nose [ … ]

Two Cool for Spool

Description Two Cool For Spool launches like a regular spool rocket but half way through the flight the second stage ignites and the lower disk dropps away while the upper disk flies on. The high drag design makes this the ideal rocket for two stage flights on a small field. [ … ]


Description Another compact beauty perfect for the sport rocketry enthusiast. Easy to build with great performance, this model rocket soars to heights up to 1400 feet. Additional Information Length: 12.125″ Body Diameter: 0.976″ Weight: 0.8 oz Recommended Engines: 1/2A6-2, A6-4, A8-5, B6-6, C6-7 Laser-Cut Fins Balsa Nose Cone Water Slide [ … ]

Red Baron

Description This unique boost glider is inspired by the biplanes of WWI and has become a proven crowd pleaser at launches. This model is completely laser cut for quick assembly and comes with an assortment of iron cross decals to help you personalize your look. Exceptionally long glide times are [ … ]

Intersteller Probe

Description Nick Adams is known for his unusual and graceful rocket designs and the second Signature Series kit, the Interstellar Probe, is a perfect example. Launched eons ago by an advanced alien civilization, the Interstellar Probe’s purpose is to catalog everything encountered in the far reaches of space and to [ … ]


Description This little devil may be small, but it makes up for that in performance. We recommend the A8-5 engine for the first flight. It will soar nearly out of sight on the B engine and can scream to 1800 feet with the C engine. Additional Information Length: 11.215″ Body [ … ]

High Five

Description The third model on our Signature Series line comes from young Texas rocketeer Jarod Frankum. Designed as part of our Iron Rocketeer challenge during NAR’s 2006 National Sport Launch, this ‘hand’some little rocket became an instant hit with the crowd. Commenting on his own design, Jarrod says it is [ … ]


Additional Information Length = 14.35″ Diameter = 1.325″ Weight = 2.0 oz. Engine Recommendations D12-5, D12-7 Photo Gallery Build History 12/29/2003 – Purchased Squirrel Works Goblin from Squirrel Works for $16.95 (Retail $16.95) 02/08/2004 – Took pictures of package, opened it and took pictures of contents. Scanned fin sheet, fin, [ … ]


Description Additional Information Photo Gallery Build History 10/27/2004 –Purchased Squirrel Works Freebird from Squirrel Works for $0.00 (Retail $0.00) 12/06/2004 – Took pictures of package and components. Scanned instructions, decals, fin sheet, fin, nose cone and photo card. Measured a few parts no previously measured and added them to page [ … ]

Firebird SuperSonic Transport (3)

Additional Information Photo Gallery Build History 01/24/2007 – Took pictures of package and components. 01/27/2007 – Scanned components. 01/28/2007 – Recorded measurements on page 54 Book #3. 02/03/2007 – Sanded balsa parts. Glued engine block even with forward end of engine tube. cut 1/8″ slot 1/4″ from forward end of [ … ]