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Astron Trident

PIMP DADDY ROCKETRY Model K-33 Description The original Estes Astron Trident first made its appearance in 1968, and used a unique ducted ejection system which routed the ejection gases through the three midbody tubes to the forward section to deploy the parachute. The Semroc Trident is based on that early [ … ]

Gemi Titian

PIMP DADDY ROCKETRY Model #K-21 Description Additional Information Length: 23.5″ Diameter: 2.175″ Fins: Plastic Recovery 24″ Parachute: Instructions Photo Gallery Build History 06/10/2005 – Purchased Pimp Daddy Rocketry Gemini Titian from Pimp Daddy Rocketry for $34.95 (Retail – $34.95). Flights