Category: Pimp Daddy Rocketry

  • Astron Trident

    PIMP DADDY ROCKETRY Model K-33 Description The original Estes Astron Trident first made its appearance in 1968, and used a unique ducted ejection system which routed the ejection gases through the three midbody tubes to the forward section to deploy the parachute. The Semroc Trident is based on that early design by Gene Street and…

  • Gemi Titian

    PIMP DADDY ROCKETRY Model #K-21 Description Additional Information Length: 23.5″ Diameter: 2.175″ Fins: Plastic Recovery 24″ Parachute: Instructions Photo Gallery Build History 06/10/2005 – Purchased Pimp Daddy Rocketry Gemini Titian from Pimp Daddy Rocketry for $34.95 (Retail – $34.95). Flights