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California Kid


Designed to pay tribute to the early High Power movement, the California Kid is a 4″ dia. high power rocket with a nostalgic “retro” look. With its “retro” vinyl decals, brushed aluminum nozzle assembly, and nostalgic fin styling, the California Kid is one classy bird!

Designed for 54mm motors, but light enough to fly on 38mm motors with optional adapter.

This kit is a great Level 2 bird that gives very memorable flights on easy access J350 or J570 motors, or fly it on a K550 and watch it tear a hole in the sky!

Additional Information

DIAMETER : 4 inches
LENGTH : 68 inches
RECOVERY : Swivel, recovery harness
GUIDANCE: Binder Design Delrin rail buttons, 1/4″ Aircraft Birch Plywood Fins (12 ply!)
MOTOR RETENTION: Binder Design Motor Collar with Aluminum Nozzle Assembly

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Build History

  • 4/28/2007 – Purchased model from Merlin Missiles for $139.99 (Retail $159.99)
  • 6/30/2007 – Filleted last 2 fin/Body Tube joints with 5 minute Red Arrow epoxy.