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Meteor Masher


The Meteor Masher soars into the sky carrying 3 deep space cluster bombs. Slide action midsection releases the cluster bombs high in the sky. Delivers payload as high as 475 feet. Recover and reload for your next mission!

Additional Information

  • Length: 27″
  • Diameter: 1.33″
  • Weight: 4.0 oz.
  • Recovery: 12″ Parachute & 3 Streamers
  • Altitude: 490′
  • Fins: Die Cut Balsa
  • Recommended Motors:
    • B4-2, B4-4, B6-2, B6-4, C6-3, C6-5

Photo Gallery

Build History

  • 02/25/2003 – Purchased Estes Meteor Masher from HobbyLinc for $9.09 (Retail $12.99).
  • 06/15/2003 – Took pictures of package and contents. Scanned some of the parts. Measure some of the contents and recorded on Page 70 Book #2. Made copy of marking guides on first page of plans.
  • 06/16/2003 – Scanned components, measure components and traced fins and rings on page 70 Book #2.
  • 06/17/2003 – Cut marking guide and shock cord mount from copied page 1. sanded fins and glued fin tips to main fin. Marked piston tube with guide and cut out circle in tube. Removed guide. Glued split ring inside rear portion of piston tube. Ran a bead of glue behind the 1-1/4″ mark and slide a large ring through the glue and to the mark. Glued the other larger green ring to the end of the tube with the split ring. Cut out the disc from the sheet and glued it to one of the smaller rings. Using the internal tube marking guide and door frame, drew a the length of the tube. Marked the line at 2-1/2″ from the rear and 1-1/4″ from the rear for the fins. On the launch lug line marked at 3-1/4″ from the front and 4″ from the rear. Glued a small centering ring at the 1-1/4″ mark. Glued the dowel rod along the launch lug line butted against the tube rearward centering ring. Slid the piston assembly over the internal tube and against the centering ring allowing the dowel to protrude through the split in the small ring. Glued the white center ring at the 4″ mark. Cut a 1/8″ slot at the 2-1/2″mark and inside the engine holder. Slid the mylar ring over the rear of the internal tube up to the mark even with the engine holder. Glued the other centering ring at the 1/2″ mark with the slot lined up with the engine retainer. Glued the launch lug to the stand off then glued on the launch lug line at 3-1/4″. Filleted centering ring joints. Wrapped lower body tube marking guide around lower body tube and marked fins and launch lug lines the full length. Filleted one side of launch lug assembly joints.
  • 06/18/2003 – Cut out center of satellite retainer so they would fit over body tube. Cemented staellite retainer over lower body so it is aligned with fin guide lines and end of body tube is even with inside pocket. Cemented the upper body tube the same way.
  • 06/19/2003 – Glued fins and lower body tube. Filleted joints.
  • 06/20/2003 – Glued lower then upper body tubes to internal body tube structure.
  • 06/23/2003 – Painted upper and lower body tubes Dark Glue #1211. Spray painted fins dark blue #1211. Painted all three satellites Color Place #20003 Sun Yellow.
  • 06/24/2003 – Sprayed second coat on upper and lower body tubes and fins. Painted part of satellite Silver and Blue using paint pens.
  • 06/25/2003 – Painted nose cone black. Painted satellites different pen colors.
  • 07/12/2003 – Painted mid section Gloss Black.
  • 07/13/2003 – Applied self adhesive decals using water with drop of soap to help align the decals before the stuck to the model. Took pictures of completed model. Applied masking tape to fin outer edges and attempted to paint the area yellow using a paint pen. This was very difficult to do. It was hard getting an even coat of paint.


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