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At last, the stubby little rocket so loved by our mascot squirrel is available as a kit. The Acorn features “Through the Wall” fin mounting, using laser cut slots in the body tube for precise fin placement, this makes the kit easy to build for the novice. When launched on lower impulse engines, the Acorn makes a great small field flyer.

Additional Information

  • Length: 12.25″
  • Diameter: 2.6″
  • Weight: 4.1 oz.
  • Recovery: 15″ Red Mylar Parachute
  • Fin Span 3.9″
  • Recommended Engines:
    • B4-4, B6-4, C6-5


Photo Gallery

Build History

  • 10/27/2004 – Purchased Squirrel Works Acorn from Squirrel Works for $24.95 (Retail $24.95).
  • 11/14/2018 – Took pictures of package and contents. Scanned centering rings, fin sheet, decal, engine block,engine holder, and plans. Measurements were placed on page 34 of book #4.
  • 02/07/2019 – Marked the motor mount tube 1/4″ from forward end and cut a 1/8″ slot and fitted the engine holder into it. Marked other end of tube 3/4″ and 1-1/2″ from end for the centering ring attachments. Cut out fins from sheet and rounded leading and trailing edges. Sanded remaining edges smooth. Filleted centering ring joint. Glued motor mount assembly into aft end of body tube. Glued fins through body tube slots onto motor mount tube. Filleted joints. Glued launch lug to body tube.
  • 02/08/2019 – Filleted launch lug joints. Glued shock cord to it’s mount and inside aft end of body tube by 2″.
  • 02/09/2019 – Assembled parachute kit. Used 1/4″ punch to cut shroud line holes.
  • 11/08/2022 – Sanded balsa parts and cleaned with alcohol wiper. Sanded nose cone with 80 mesh sandpaper and cleaned with alcohol wiper. Sanded nose cone again using 120 grit sandpaper and cleaned with alcohol wiper. Sanded a final time with 600 grit sandpaper and cleaned with alcohol wiper.
  • 11/09/2022 – Masked body tube. Spray painted nose cone and fins using Rust-oleum #249092 Gloss Sun Yellow.
  • 11/10/2022 – Removed masking.
  • 11/13/2022 – Re-masked fins.
  • 11/22/2022 – Spray painted body tube with Krylon #3429 Gloss White.
  • 11/23/2022 – Removed masking.
  • 11/25/2022 – Spray painted nose cone with another coat of Rust-oleum #249092 Gloss Sun Yellow. Applied Water Slide decals using photo card as guide. This completes construction of Squirrel Works #SW-030 Acorn model rocket.



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