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Firebird SuperSonic Transport (2)


Additional Information

  • Length: 21.0″
  • Diameter: 0.76″
  • Weight: 1.7 oz.
  • Fins: Laser Cut Balsa
  • Nose Cone: Balsa
  • Decals: Water Slide
  • Recovery: Mylar Parachute
  • Recommended Engines:
    • A6-4, A8-3, B4-4, B6-4, C6-5

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Build History

  • 03/10/2006 – Purchased Squirrel Works Firebird SuperSonic Transport (2) from Al’s Hobby Shop for $15.89 (Retail $19/95)
  • 07/03/2006 – Took pictures of package, components and scanned co/mponents.
  • 07/08/2006 – Cut 1/8″ slot 1/4″ from forward end of engine mount tube. Inserted engine holder and hold in place wht tape. Remove centering rings from card stock. Measure 1/2″ from both ends of engine tube. Glued thrust ring even with forward end of engine mount tube. Filleted both side of centering ring joints. Tie a piece of 100 # Kevlar Cord to the forward end of the motor clip. Made a copy of body tube marking guide and cut it out. Marked rear of body tube using guide. Used door jamb to extent lines. Tied shock cord to kevlar.
  • 07/09/2006 – removed wings from balsa stock, sanded edges and glued both to the body tube along guidelines. Used tube marking guide to stand main body tube up while glue dries. Filleted wing joints. Glued pods on both sides of wing tips. Filleted wing tip joints. Glued fins along guidelines even with rear of body tube.
  • 07/10/2006 – Glued rudder to main body tube.
  • 07/12/2006 – Glued faring to rudder joint. Filleted one side of rudder joint and one fin joint. Filleted all previous joints. Rounded ends of dowel rods.
  • 07/13/2006 – Glued dowel rod to top of rudder. Glued stabilizer to wooden dowel on tail rudder. Glued canards 3″ from forward end. Filleted canard joints. Cut launch lug in half and glued on even with rear and other 3-1/2″ from rear using guideline.
  • 07/15/2006 – Filleted launch lug joints with yellow wood glue.
  • 03/06/2023 – Spray painted top of model with Rust-oleum high gloss white.


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