CUSTOM Model #10029


Two-stage, 12″ parachute, missile-like styling

Additional Information

  • Length: 14.38″
  • Diameter: 0.976″
  • Weight: 1.6 oz.
  • Fins: Balsa
  • Nose Cone: Plastic
  • Recovery: 12″ Parachute
  • Recommended Motors:
    • Booster: B6-0, C6-0
    • Upper Stage: B6-6, C6-7


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Build History

  • 03/15/2001 – Purchased Custom #10029 SAM-X from NCP hobbies for $10.95 (Retail – $10.95)
  • 12/12/2001 – Opened kit. Sanded one fin of each size and one other balsa part for scanning and tracing. Added dementions to trace on page 102 of Book #1.
  • 12/13/2001 – Scanned fins, decal and plans.
  • 12/14/2001 – Marked the engine mount tubes 5/8″ from both ends. Glued the centering rings to there marks and filleted the tube ring joint. Glued the centering rings onto the BT-50 body tuve 1/4″ from one end and flush with the other end. This tube ill have the motor mount assembly and will be glued inside the BT-55 body tube lower stage. Marked the stage coupler in the middle.
  • 12/15/2001 – Glued the BT-50 tube assembly inside the BT-55 lower stage with 1/4 of the BT-50 sticking out of the rear of the BT-55. When dried the engine mount assembly was glued flush with the Bt-50 tube. Using the Estes tube marking guide marked the BT-55 unit for 4 fins attachment. Glued the engine block in the forward end of the other motor mount assembly and then glued it inside the rear of the upper stage BT-50 tube. Sanded remaining fins and attached them along guide lines for the lower and upper stage. Constructed the upper stage fins by gluing the smaller beveled fins to the upper stage fins instead of gluing them separately to the body tuve. When dry those fins were much easier to align and place properly on the rear of the upper stage. Filleted all fins joints. Attached shock cord to shock cord mount and then inside of upper BT-50 b y at least 1.5″ from the front edge. When the shock cord assembly was dry. attached the other end of the shock cord to the nose cone by tying it around the nose cone eye. Glued and filleted the upper fins. Attached launch lug mid way from edges of the lower body tube. Filleted launch lug joints.
  • 09/25/2002 – Used Krylon #1501 Gloss White as base coat.
  • 10/21/2002 – Spray painted model light tan.
  • 10/22/2002 – Repainted entire model with Krylon #8141 Khaki spray paint.
  • 11/23/2003 – Spry painted in spots the model with Krylon #2506 Medium Brown Gloss.
  • 12/09/2003 – Cut out water slide decals and applied them to the model. This completes construction of Custom SAM-X model rocket #10029.








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