CUSTOM Model #10020


Additional Information

  • Length: 18″
  • Diameter: 1.283″
  • Recovery: 18″ Parachute


Photo Gallery

Build History

  • 01/30/1999 – Purchased Custom #10020 Oasis model rocket from Joe’s Hobby Barn for $7.64 (Retail – $8.49)
  • 03/11/2000 – Opened kit and scanned in decal, fin guide, nose cone and fins. Constructed engine mount according to instructions. Glued engine mount into body tube. Marked body tube for fin locations using fin guide template. Glued fins to body tube. Filleted fin/body tube joints. Screwed screw eye into plastic nose cone.
  • 03/12/2000 – Glued launch lug to body tube and filled the joints. Glued shock cord to body tube engine mount and then inside body tube. Tied other end to nose cone through screw eye.
  • 06/08/2000 – Painted model with Krylon Gloss White #1501.
  • 10/20/2000 – Painted nose cone Krylon #1910 True Blue spray paint.
  • 10/27/2000 – Applied water slide decals to model. This completes construction of Custom Oasis #10020 model rocket. This is a “D” powered model.



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