Versi – Payload Competition

ASP Versi – Loader 18 Model #KVL-18


New version of our popular Versi – Loader kit that has been updated to conform to the new NAR payload rules. Easy-to-build 18mm engine model. This kit features balsa nose cone and bulkhead, laser-cut balsa fins as well as a complete payload kit. Can be flown either single-stage or two-stage. Although designed primarily as a payload model,  the Versi – Loader 2 is also capable of being used as a Parachute or Streamer Duration model in the higher impulse events (B & up) as well as in Altitude events, or even just for fun as a high-flying Sport Model! Includes NAR-Style Payload.


Additional Information

Length (Single-Stage): 17.75″/45.1 cm Length (Two-Stage): 20.5″/52.1 cm
Diameter.: .739″/18.77 mm
Weight (Single-Stage w/Payload): 1.75 oz/50 gm Weight (Two-Stage w/Payload): 2 oz/56.5 gm
Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Parachute Recovery
Center of Pressure (Single-Stage): 15.3″ from tip of nose cone
Center of Pressure (Two-Stage): 17.3″ from tip of nose cone

* Length and weight may vary depending on how you decide to build the model, see instructions for full details.

Recommended Engines (Single Stage):
     A8-3; B6-6; C6-7; D10-7; D21-7
Recommended Engines (Two Stage):
     Booster Stage: A8-0; B6-0; C6-0
     Upper Stage: A8-5; B6-6; C6-7


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Build History

  • 08/27/2009 – Purchased ASP model from ASP for $18.95 (Retail – $18.95).
  • 08/23/2023 – Spray Painted body tube with Krylon #1406 Silver Metallic. Spray painted nose cone with Krylon #5588 Metallic Gold.
  • 08/24/2023 – Spray painted fins with Rust-o-leum #328374 Gloss Black.








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